About Prisma Prod

PRISMA PROD SRL was founded in 1993, and one of its main activities is wood processing. Our 15 years experience in exterior wood processing, our innovating spirit and exigency towards quality has lead us in projecting and building useful and economical products. Therefor, we can answer to the most exigent demands. All these activities are deployed with minimum impact to the environment. Our company has established the following rules:

As a result of our implementation policies of modern technologies in wood processing, we succeeded over the years to increase the productivity and the quality of our articles. Our products are exported in countries like: Italy, Spain, Holland, Hungary etc.

Our current production contains the following articles:

To obtain high quality products we use the "teeth joint" procedure. We use high quality timber resulted from optimizing timber binding quality. PRISMA PROD SRL also produces: PRISMA PROD SRL also has a wood drying (desiccating) capacity of 600 cubic meters / charge.