Resinous panellings


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SC Prisma Prod SRL offers wooden construction material and resinous panellings for building garden sheds, log cabins etc. Thickness : 19, 28, 40mm. The panellings having a thickness of 40 mm are double planked. The humidity of the material is 12 +/- 2 %. The useful width of the material is 100mm , while the length : 2000 - 5000mm. Our production capacity is of 15.000 sq meters/ month.

Upon request, the panellings can be completely impregnated to assure the waterproof protection and protection against xylophagous bacteria and sunlight.

For orders above 500 sq meters we can offer a 5 - 10% dicount according to the reuqested quantity. Prices do not include VAT 24%.