Ecological fire starters


Fire starters can successfully be used to replace fire wood, have increased calorific power and increased storage properties. Fire starters are safe, clean and ECOLOGICAL! The manufacturing press process without binding agents turn wood chips into a fuel that can reduce costs by 20% compared to other types of fuels. It can successfully replace coal, cokes, wood or natural gas. Moreover it can be used without any modifications to stoves or wood-based central heating systems. The product is targeted towards home and industrial usage. Our fire starters are obtain from resinous / deciduous wood chips, yield very good results and have high quality materials (wood chips dried to 10%). They can be used in stoves, wood-based central heating systems, tiled terracotta stoves, fireplaces as well as barbeques.

Their calorific power is double compared to that of regular timber and can be used combined with fire wood.

The fire starters are wrapped in 12 items / pack weighing approximately 10 kg / bag. Bags are palletized and each pallet weighs approximately 980 kg.



Do not fill the entire burning chamber as fire starers expand during the burning process; Place a couple fire starters in the burning chamber and light them. Lightning the fire starters requires a lot of air, so air admission valves should be open until the fire starters burn with flame. At this point the air admission valves must be reduced. To much or to little air and the burning process will be incomplete. Fire starters are indicated for any type of wood-based heating systems (normal with or withou gasification), boilers , fireplaces, teraccottas, cooking stoves, school camps, pizzerias etc.