Ferestre Lemn Stratificat 1 Ferestre Lemn Stratificat 2

Prisma Prod offers stratified windows as follows: spruce, osk, meranti. All these products have a EUROFALTZ 68 X 82 mm profile and ROTO hardware. They have sealing trimmings and thermo-proofed glass of 24 mm K=1.1 W/mpK. The minimum lifetime of these products is more than 30 years.

The wooden part is built with 3 or 4 layers, with humidity ranging from 8 to 10%, which excludes wooden torsion. We use float Pilkington types of glass. We use Sikkens paint, which is ecological, based on water, and ensures a waterproof protection. These products are also resistant to temperature variations and sunlight. All products have a 5 year warranty.